Welcome to Placenta Encapsulation Services of Savannah & The South!

***To contact me ASAP my phone number is 912-247-6333. Please feel free to text or call me anytime, even at night! You can also email me at encapsulatesavannah@gmail.com***

Are you considering placenta encapsulation? Then you have come to the right spot! Not only do we offer placenta encapsulation, but we also offer lactation cookies, placenta smoothies, tinctures, salves, truffles, and even meals made with the placenta! We even offer flavored capsules for your convenience. We also offer placenta prints done on canvas to showcase your tree of life. There are many healing benefits to consuming the placenta. It has been shown to:

*Lessen the risk of postpartum depression
*Increase energy
*Increase milk production
*Decrease postpartum bleeding
*Stabilize mood
*Decrease anxiety
*To balance out hormones
*Combats fatigue
*Replenishes b-vitamins
*Pain relief

Your personalized Placenta Package includes pickup of the placenta from the hospital, birth center, or home birth, the encapsulated placenta pills, an umbilical cord keepsake, a sample of the Full Bellies Lactation Cookies, and delivery of the pills to your home all for $200 in Savannah, Hinesville, Hilton Head, and the surrounding areas! Macon, Jacksonville, Charleston, & Augusta $275-$300 as we are based in Savannah.

Since I am so passionate about wanting all expecting moms to have the opportunity to encapsulate I am happy to now offer a solution if you can’t quite afford encapsulation. For just $150 I can encapsulate your placenta if you bring it to me! More details in the “Services” tab above!

We offer placenta encapsulation in Savannah, Rincon, Hinesville, Hilton Head, Statesboro, Pooler, Hardeeville, Richmond Hill, Garden City, Georgetown, Bloomingdale, Port Wentworth, Bluffton, Tybee Island, Wilmington Island, Fort Ft.Stewart, and more! If you don’t see your area listed, contact us as we might be able to service you with a small service fee. Please click on the Menu link on top of the page to learn more!!

We strive to help moms make the most out of their postpartum experience and have an easier time transitioning into motherhood. We do all of the legwork for you so you can focus on what’s important-your new baby! We come up to the hospital, birth center, or home to pick up your placenta for you. We clean, prepare, and encapsulate your placenta in a sterilized area. Once the pills are complete we will bring them to you either at your home or the hospital. Please contact us for a free consultation or any questions!

We are happy to announce a new addition to our services, Full Bellies Lactation Cookies! They are baked fresh daily with ingredients known to boost milk supply. Orders placed are baked and personally delivered within 48 hours.

I have been trained and certified through Full Circle Placenta and I hold a Georgia Food Handlers Card to ensure that your pills are prepared in a safe and sanitized kitchen. I am certified in Blood Born Pathogens for Placenta Encapsulators and I follow and abide by all OSHA and state guidelines for proper handling of your placenta. Your pills will also come in a dark cobalt blue glass jar as to preserve your pills and keep out light so they can be stored indefinitely.

**I am very timely in responding to emails, and I usually respond within 3 hours! If you have sent a message and I don’t respond within 24 hours, I likely did not receive it, so please text or call me at 912-247-6333! To book your due date it is a $25 non refundable deposit***